SkyOps Cruise

Our Cloud Managed Services offer


Enterprise agreement, Department, Account, Subscription

Tagging automation

Naming convention control


System health monitoring

Azure Monitor & Log analytics consolidation


User access management

Manage RBAC (Role based access control)


Backup strategy for all apps, virtual machines and data

VM Management

Patch Management

VM Operations

Auto-scale & Rightsizing resources

Performance Monitoring

Advanced Infrastructure monitoring

Database monitoring

Applications performance monitoring

Disaster recovery

Availability sets and Availability zones

DR for mission critical applications with RPO/RTO

Cost & Billing Management

Month in, month out billing

Manage, visualize and optimize the resources cost

Rightsizing resources

Security policies

Control azure resources compliance

Develop custom azure policies

Capacity Management

Proactive capacity planning for azure resources


Provide architecture support for new workloads

Design for high availability and cost optimization

Anticipate architecture issues


Automation runbooks

Custom ARM templates

Magento Hosting

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